Wattage Creative: nimble design & development based in Milwaukee

A nimble design & development studio based in Milwaukee, serving clients around the world.

Need a new logo, a stellar website, or maybe both? Wattage does that. What about an online store, content management system, or mobile app? Yeah, Wattage does that too.

Web & Mobile

  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Web & Mobile Applications


  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures

About Wattage

Jeff Couturier - Wattage Creative

I'm Jeff Couturier, and I founded Wattage in 1999. Over the years I've worked with small and large advertising agencies, marketing firms, tech start-ups, tiny local businesses and global retail giants, doing everything from branding to hand-crafted code. I believe that simplicity can be beautiful, that details matter, and that doing it right the first time is always the best choice. If you have a project, Wattage and I can help give it a creative spark.

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"What can I say, Jeff is brilliant! When I first started working with Jeff I was simply employing his knowledge of front end development and it was always second to none. After a while I began to see the brilliant creative mind shine through and began to cultivate a new admiration for Mr. Couturier."

— Adam Broitman, Managing Partner at MEC

"Jeff was fully engaged with the engineers on the team, assisting, pairing, and swapping ideas. He is great at taking on projects and completing them on his own when needed or working as a member of a team to solve problems and implement new ideas. He is able to manage his own time, lead delivery, and learn new techniques along the way."

— Scott Aucoin, Director, Agile Office/PMO and UX

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