Wattage Creative: nimble design & development based in Milwaukee

A nimble design & development studio based in Milwaukee, serving clients around the world.

Need a new logo, a stellar website, or maybe both? Wattage does that. What about a shopping cart, content management system, or mobile app? Yeah, Wattage does that too.

Web & Mobile

  • UX & UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Web & Mobile Applications


  • Print Design
  • Logos & Branding
  • Banner & Sign Design

About Wattage

Jeff Couturier - Wattage Creative Jeff Couturier - Wattage Creative

I'm Jeff Couturier, and I founded Wattage in 1999. Over the years I've worked with small and large advertising agencies, marketing firms, tech start-ups, tiny local businesses and global retail giants, doing everything from branding to hand-crafted code. I believe that simplicity can be beautiful, that details matter, and that doing it right the first time is always the best choice. If you have a project, Wattage and I can help give it a creative spark.

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What People Are Saying

"What can I say, Jeff is brilliant! When I first started working with Jeff I was simply employing his knowledge of front end development and it was always second to none. After a while I began to see the brilliant creative mind shine through and began to cultivate a new admiration for Mr. Couturier."

, Managing Partner at MEC

"The combination of his UX design skills, his development experience and his attention to detail made for an overall exceptional design presence for our product."

, Co-Founder, Ghost Browser by Webatix

"Jeff's not just an artist, he is an artist and a developer. He's immensely visual, even down to how he takes notes, and is capable of describing what he is thinking in clear ways thanks to that visual thinking approach."

, Director, Agile Office/PMO and UX

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